we don‘t play guitars, but we DANCE AND PERFORM!
tell me what you really really want – the ram from the ramalamadingdong.
aRre You a mAn or a wOmAN? – NO!

we are here to perform gender cliches and smash them. we will dance with you until your head spins. our hot fake and real stuffers and fake and real tits are way more important than germany or any other nation.
go drag!
come queer!
tender is the gender!

and don‘t forget: donna non si nasce. donna si diventa.
(…und das gilt auch für andere geschlechter!)

spicy tigers on speed sind:

→ belinda xpress
→ lady moira
→ lcavaliero
→ lilo libido
→ rachel against the machine

schreibt uns: mail at spicytigersonspeed.net …

Hall of Fame der SToS-Einspringer_innen:

VD Vendetta
Juliette Biscuit
Alabama Joe
Veronica Veneziano
Fronck de Saster
Thea Thralisch
Mimi Monstroe
Moritz G.
Ido Tigmor
Tomka (Sissy Boyz)
Toni Transit
Maria Psycho
anus b. haven
Bob Henderson
Silver Future-Team
Gurnisht Nice Ass
willi wimper
Scream Club
Nick Neugier