aBoUt mE

iF uCaTcH My PiCtUrE, u´Ll GeT wHo I aM
fOr U
JuSt In ThIs MoMeNt Of ViSiBiLiTy

BeYoNd Ur PeRcEpTiOn,

I´m JuSt A fLuIdIdEnTiFiEd GeNdEr-Me

I´m In MoTiOn, I´m ChAnGiNg
-DePeNdS oN tHe ScEnE

tO pOiNt OuT a VeRy PeRsOnAl SeLfDeScRiPtIoN:
wOuLd SaY i´M a PoMoPolyamorisexualallusexgenderQueerfiction

love to all openminded, queeractivists and other respectful humanbees!
Xs, LCavaliero!