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Belinda Xpress

belinda xpress
we don‘t play guitars, but we DANCE AND PERFORM!
tell me what you really really want – the ram from the ramalamadingdong.

aRre You a mAn or a wOmAN? – NO!

we are from berlin. we are here to perform gender cliches and smash them. we will dance with you until your head spins. our hot fake and real stuffers and fake and real tits are way more important than germany or any other nation.
go drag!
come queer!
tender is the gender!

and don‘t forget: donna non si nasce. donna si diventa.


Rachel Against the Machine

rachel against the machine

i like to perform the gap. i nerd it myself. and i am attracted more to the average chocolate bar than to the average man or woman (or person or animal or thing of any sex, gender and sexual orientation).


Lilo Libido

lilo libidoIch sage: Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome!!!

Schön, dass ihr bei mir und uns vorbeischaut. Die Gelegenheit will ich doch gleich am Schopfe (kurz-, lang- oder gar nicht haarig) greifen und einen großen Dank/Lob aussprechen: Ihr seid toll!!!

Was wäre eine Gruppe stöckelnder und stiefelnder Geschlechterimitatoren ohne Publikum? Keine gute Show ohne gutes Publikum!

So macht es, und wird es hoffentlich noch lange, Spaß vor euch auf der Bühne zu stehen (und zu stolpern). Ich hoffe nicht zuletzt, diesen Spaß bringen wir für euch rüber (ja,ja, Straw, wir bleiben dabei hübsch un-/korrekt politisch).

Also bis zum nächsten Mal, liebste Grüße, Lilo.


Lady Moira

lady moira

nice to see you are here! I’m lady moIra. I have very noble origins, as my title tells. So you’d better behave when talking to me, ok? Many identities coexist in me, so that at the end of the day I don’t care much about what I am, or how I should be. If looking at me you see a butch then welcome, the same if you see a nice old drag queen. Just do NOT expect me to be only one thing, please. I’m sure that after knowing me you’ll see only lady moIra…



aBoUt mE

iF uCaTcH My PiCtUrE, u´Ll GeT wHo I aM
fOr U
JuSt In ThIs MoMeNt Of ViSiBiLiTy

BeYoNd Ur PeRcEpTiOn,

I´m JuSt A fLuIdIdEnTiFiEd GeNdEr-Me

I´m In MoTiOn, I´m ChAnGiNg
-DePeNdS oN tHe ScEnE

tO pOiNt OuT a VeRy PeRsOnAl SeLfDeScRiPtIoN:
wOuLd SaY i´M a PoMoPolyamorisexualallusexgenderQueerfiction

love to all openminded, queeractivists and other respectful humanbees!
Xs, LCavaliero!